Humanity Hiatus

I'm currently on a Humanity Hiatus and have been for 248 days.

A "Humanity Hiatus" is when one voluntarily gives up social media, news and other "curated" human contact for a prolonged period of time. It's a chance to step back and refresh from the barrage of content and stimulus that we're subjected to on a daily basis in this "age of the social".

Social media is about targeting our innate fear of missing out (FOMO) found in all humans. It has been developed over time to be an addictive influence in our lives and we're often giving up real-life interactions to keep up to date with our online circles, sometimes to the detriment of our relationships in real life (IRL).

How we're manipulated... from an insider

Updated Hosts File

To prevent me from 'accidentally' attempting to go to any of the common sites, I updated my /etc/hosts file to the following:

IP Domain

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